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Site: Christian Backgrounds

Description: Projector Ready Photographs and Looping Motion Backgrounds for PowerPoint & Worship Software. Quality High Resolution Christian Backgrounds for as little as 5 cents per photo.

Category: Graphics



Site: Free Christian Clipart

Description: Freeware clipart by Christian artist Kathy Rice Grimm for ministry.

Category: Graphics



Site: Sheer Elegance Tags

Description: We are a Christian Group and share personalized graphics (all family and/or Christian)Also music and devotionals.All Welcome!!

Category: Graphics


Site: Church House Collection

Description: Our focus is Christian clip art.  We also have bible stories, scripture, recipes, VBS ideas, and much more.

Category: Graphics


Site: Aurora Clip Art

Description: Unique site offers free clip art illustrations from Bible stories and ancient times.  Beautiful Christian illustrations from antique Bible provide an excellent resource for Bible studies, Sunday school lessons, church crafts and publications.

Category: Graphics


Site: religious clip art

Description: Theamatic religious clip art for all church publications

Category: Graphics


Site: Christian Code City

Description: Code generators, graphics, tools and more for the D.I.Y. Christian webmaster. Updated often, always free!

Category: Graphics



Description: Decorative vinyl wall lettering for your home and office

Category: Graphics



Site: Fearless Threads Passion T's

Description: Cool Christian T-shirts with attitude. Our bold, edgy, God inspired tees are one of a kind, each driven by passion and to support a cause. Purchase a shirt, we donate to local charities, you pick. We empower you to make the difference in a life and glorify God in the process.

Category: Graphics



Site: AGZA

Description: AGZA is a resource site for everything Christian. I have graphics, devotionals, articles, etc.

Category: Graphics


Site: Bible graphics

Category: Graphics's Cool Christian Graphics

Description: Free Christian graphics that you can download and add to your webpages.

Category: Graphics

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