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Site: Christianity Cove

Description: Christianity Cove is the web's #1 resource for Sunday School lesson ideas, crafts, games, activities and tips for teachers.

Category: Blog


Site: Jesus Art Prints

Description: Inspirational Christian musings and art depicting our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Category: Blog


Site: Above & Beyond Counseling Center

Description: Above & Beyond Counseling Center provides Individual, marriage / couples counseling by NCCA Licensed Clinical Christian Counselors (MA or PhD degrees and also ordained ministers) with an emphasis on helping people gain freedom from strongholds and emotional bondages.  We have offices in the Tampa Bay area and also minister worldwide via skype.

Category: Ministry


Site: Random Musings

Description: I blog about Christianity, Ministry, and my personal thoughts on life, love and relationships, as well as music and other things that interest me.

Category: Ministry


Site: Truth Be Told

Description: A blog about Christian issues, Bible study, exhortation and inspiration.

Category: Ministry


Site: Letters to Logan

Description: "Letters to Logan" is a look at a mentorship between a father and his son. This ordinary dad uses biblical wisdom and a divine spirit of love to help equip his son through all the stages of life. His objective is to wage war against society's influences over his son, by arming him with biblical truths.

Category: Blog


Site: Pursued By God

Description: Blogging my journey from homosexuality to follower of Christ.

Category: Blog


Site: Wedding Anthem

Description: Wedding Anthem is an online wedding directory launched in 2012. Our readers keep coming back for custom made wedding vows, celebrity views on love, Christian devotions, Bible verses, wedding service providers, quotes, articles, urgent prayer requests and more. The website generates hits predominantly from South Africa, then USA, Norway, Great Britain and France among other countries.

Category: Blog


Site: A Blog of a Courageous Father

Description: This blog is about Christian living, Courageous Fatherhood and being a Christian family. Anything about being a Christian and living as a Christian. Bible references, stories and thoughts. Prayer information. Some food and recipes to make as a family or for the family to share and enjoy and much more. Even some craft or family activities.

Category: Blog


Site: In Christ Blog

Description: Christ centered commentary & contentions

Category: Blog


Site: Narrow Is The Way

Description: A place to learn more about God's word. I'm a therapist so can give advice also where needed.

Category: Blog


Site: One Disciple Up

Description: One disciple giving voice & standing up for Christ.

Category: Blog


Site: What Christians Want To Know

Description: A Christian website designed to encourage, equip and energize Christian. Topics include Bible Verses, Christian Quotes, Christian Songs and much more.

Category: Blog


Site: Growing With God in My Garden

Description: I write a blog devotional of life lessons based on gardening scenarios.  I take everyday gardening situations and use them  to encourage deeper faith and higher calling.

Category: Blog


Site: Free Bread Each Day

Description: Devotional type blog posts....sharing answered prayers, daily struggles & joys along with ways that Christ is uplifted in these times.

Category: Ministry


Site: closer2THEE

Description: Weekly devotionals based on real life situations.

Category: Blog



Description: I like to share the encouragement of God's word. 

Category: Blog


Site: GodVine - Christian Videos

Description: GodVine is updated daily with the latest Christian videos and pictures.

Category: Blog


Site: Covenant Musings

Description: Great Bible Themes in Light of God's Love and Glory

Category: Blog


Site: Thank You, Jesus (A Photo Blog)

Description: Photos I have taken that speak to the Glory of the Lord, the Christian Faith, and God's presence in our blessed world.

Category: Blog


Site: A Brutally Honest Christian Journey

Category: Blog



Site: behold He cometh

Description: book blog site

Category: Blog


Site: What is the Old Path?

Description: Teaching blog about some of the things American Chrisitianity has lost.  Thoughts on the basics of Salvation.

Category: Blog


Site: Sermons

Description: The Truth About The Last Days, Antichrist, The Rapture, More.

Category: Blog


Site: We Blog about

Description: At We blog about GOD we want to share our thoughts, beliefs and incites into God's word. We will not put anyone down or tell them how or what to believe.

Category: Blog



Site: Thoughts from Calvary

Description: An occasional blog from Pastor Sam (Dr. Samuel Crouch).

Category: Church

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