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Site: Afton Grove Baptist Church

If you visit us in person, you will find a warm and loving church filled with people who love the Lord, love each other and love their neighbors.  Some of the attributes that stand out in our church are: prayer, a nurturing spirit for the saints, a zeal to help the hurting and a desire to see the Lost souls of this world saved for Jesus Christ.

Category: Christian Church


Site: Solid Foundation Bible Church

Description: We are a Bible teaching, bible believing church with a passion to see people live an abundant life through Christ Jesus located in Queen Creek, Arizona.  Our desire is to affect our community by demonstrating the expressive love of Christ Jesus to all humanity.

Category: Church


Site: Catholic Shrine

Category: Church


Site: Church Dubai

Description: A strong Bible based, Spirit filled Ministry, committed to equipping believers of all age groups to function as part of the body of Christ. The church is on a journey with God, leading people into the promises and blessings of God. 

Category: Church



Description: it is the site of our church, Shepheds Heart Calvary Chapel.  We offer info about us, Christian Links, a prayer reqest opportunity, etc.

Category: Church


Site: Thoughts from Calvary

Description: An occasional blog from Pastor Sam (Dr. Samuel Crouch).

Category: Church



Site: West Baptist Church   Oakdale La.

Description: Worship Service Videos & Great Gospel Music

Category: Church




Description: Windows of Heaven Christian Church is dedicated to reaching the international community in Wyoming Valley Area for God through Jesus Christ. We are a mission-oriented non-denominational church. You are invited to stop by any of our services. In addition to preaching and proclaiming the unadulterated Words of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, our worship services include congregational singing, prayers, and testimonies about God's love and awesome power. Obedience to the Word of God to leave a live of holiness is our passion as well as reliance on the power of the Holy Spirit.

Category: Church



Site: Calvary Baptist Church

Description: A Southern Baptist Church in Elko, NV

Category: Church



Site: New Life Community Church

Description: We are located in Ukiah, CA. We are a bible based church.

Category: Church



Site: Nuggets of Wisdom

Description: Nuggets of Wisdom will help people understand the essence of life by beautifully connecting the scriptures together so that they will discover: - Answers that will bring light to the needs, questions, and challenges that we face each day - Promises that will bring the fullness of God’s love, truth, and hope to our hearts; - Words that will bring people to a personal encounter and revelation of the Savior, the Messiah, the Word, JesusChrist

Category: Church



Site: The MaPaW Project

Description: Memorize a Passage a Week (MaPaW) helps people to memorize 1 bible passage per week. Building up a helpful source they can take with them anywhere.

Category: Ministry



Site: Splinters On The Carpenter's Floor

Description: Recently published book inspired by the Holy Spirit during a deep depression. This book will truly Bless anyone going through tough times.

Category: Business



Site: Riches of His Glory

Description: Viewing and Sharing life through a different lens.

Category: Business



Site: SharaLee Ward

Description: Contemporary Christian artist SharaLee Ward, bio, photos and music.

Category: Music



Site: Your City Christian Directory - Your Key To The City

Description: Search your city christian directory for christian websites, local churches, charities, ministries, products, services, local businesses, and more. Submit Your Site.

Category: Business



Site: Inspirations-St Rest Missionary Baptist Church

Description: Weekly highlights from the previous Sunday's Sermon posted for your encouragement, comments and prayer requests.

Category: Church

Site: God's Remedy (The Cross)

Description: Jesus Christ is the only answer to this problem. He is the only One who can bring us back to God. He died on the Cross and rose from the grave, paying the penalty for our sin and bridging the gap between God and people.

Category: Church

Site: First Assembly Of God Church, Jefferson, NC

Description: Photos of events, prayer & praise reports, Our ministries & staff

Category: Church

Site: Elsinore First Assembly - Lake Elsinore, CA

Description: Elsinore First Assembly exists to connect people to God, each other and our community.

Category: Church

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