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10 New Year Resolutions for a Blessed 2011 – Love More

Posted on 11. Feb, 2011 by in 10 Resolutions for a Blessed Year, The Blog

Hello again,

Today, I want to share the third promise I made to God – to Love More.

Now before you start thinking the wrong thing, I’m talking spiritually.

The Bible says,

1 John 4:8 (King James Version)

He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.

I told the members of the congregation that what God wants is for more people to know His love. Unfortunately, He depends on us to share it with others. A lot of times, especially in my case, I’ve not done a good job of sharing His love with others.

Like I mentioned in a previous post, there are people in our lives that seem unreachable with the message of the Gospel. We all have someone who it seems is just too far from the things of God to ever step into a church. These are the “snowball’s chance in hell” people.

I want to be able to make it snow in hell.

To do this, I will have to love more. That is, I will have to be open to show God’s love to those who God puts in my path. Many times, you won’t reach that person with an evangelistic message. That is, you can’t go up to the person, pull out a Bible and start preaching. That’s where showing God’s love comes in.

If I’m going to reach that unreachable person with the salvation message, I need to first break through that hard outer shell. Only God’s love can do that.

I need to be able to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and obey Him when He directs me to a person.

Sometimes I get so busy with life, with the church, with the family, that I have let opportunities to demonstrate God’s love pass me by.

I have to learn to fight the temptation to walk past the person who I know is in need. It’s not the Pastor’s job. It’s not the minister’s job. It’s my job, at least now it is. That is what I’ve promised God. I’m going to love more.

I have to take the time to ask, “Is there anything wrong? Can I help? Will you let me mention you in my prayers?”

I told the congregation, if we are serious about keeping this promise, God will place people in our path who need God. He will make our spirits more sensitive to the needs of others who we come in contact with every day. He will give us the opportunities to keep our promise.

God wants for everyone to know His love. I believe that when we give God what He wants, He will reciprocate by giving us what we want.

I want a blessed 2011!

Wouldn’t making it snow in hell make for a great 2011?

God wants me to be that person who demonstrates His love, because when I show love, I show God, because God is love.

What about you, can you make that promise with me? Let’s decide to be more loving, even to the unlovable. That’s what Jesus did. He loved us when we were unlovable.

Come back tomorrow for Resolution #4.

Thank you,



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