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Adding a Photo Slide Show to Your Church Website

Posted on 07. Dec, 2010 by in Strategy


I mentioned in an earlier post that you can make your church’s website more magnetic, attracting repeat visits from not only your members but from those who can’t make it to church, by adding a regularly updated photos page.

I wanted to expand on this, and show you how you can do this quickly and easily and most of all for free.

There are two services that I found online that can make this process work smoothly.   They both use the free online photo storage site – Flickr. With Flickr, you can upload your photos, separate them into sets, and then use these sets to create the slide show on your site.   Here’s what you do.

  1. Take pictures during your next event. (This is one of those jobs that you delegate to someone.) Have this person take as many pictures as they can.
  2. Have this person create an account with Flickr. It’s free. Then each time you have an event, just upload the photos into a different set named for that particular event – the church picnic, Sunday’s pot luck, the Christmas play, etc.
  3. Go to either FlickrSlideShow.com or Slide.com, and create your slide show.
  4. It will then give you some html code that you or your web designer can add to your page. I like FlickrSlideShow, because you can specify a particular set to pull your photos from, and if you are not the one updating the site, this would keep you from having to pay the designer each time you post new photos. For example, if you have photos of a wedding one week, and the next week you want to have photos of a picnic, you would normally have the designer create new code to embed into your site. To eliminate this, however, you may want to have your photo person keep the newest photos in a  special set like “latest show,” and once a new set of photos are uploaded, just move the older photos to a separate set. This way, your web designer doesn’t have to keep updating the site. They could set the code to read from only one set – the “latest show” set. If you do have the capability to edit the web page yourself, then either service will work.

There are other services that offer slide show programs, but a lot of them require that you install a program onto your computer. The ones I mentioned here are web-based, and again, free.

Let me know how they work for you. Send me the link to  your photo page, and I’ll post it.




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    08. Dec, 2010

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