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Adding a Pastor’s Corner to Your Church Website – How Do I Do That?

Posted on 02. Dec, 2010 by in Strategy, The Blog

I know that Pastors are busy people. My uncle is a Pastor. My dad was an Assistant Pastor, and I’ve been in church leadership all my adult life, so I’ve seen first hand how busy Pastors can be. I know that there may not be a lot of time left over for a Pastor to sit down and write an article every day for the church website.

My goal here on this post is to try and convince you of the advantages that adding such an element to your website. It can be used to connect with members of your congregation, and as a tool to use for outreach.

What is a Pastor’s Corner?

A Pastor’s Corner is just a section on your website where you share a brief message with the visitors to your church website.

What Can You Have on a Pastor’s Corner?

There are many different uses for a Pastor’s Corner. I’ve added a few suggestions here:

  • A short message – This can be a summary of a message you shared years ago that you felt was particularly relevant today or something completely new.
  • A review of what you spoke about in the last service – In case someone wasn’t there to hear you in person, at least they can get the highlights.
  • A special announcement – Was there a birthday or a wedding in your congregation lately? This would be a good place to share the events. Are there any upcoming special events?
  • A review of a book you are reading
  • An update on a project that your church is working on – What is the status of the building project?
  • A scripture of the day – Pick a scripture. Share your thoughts. Invite people to comment.
  • A summary of what is going on in your own personal life – Many members of churches really don’t know that the Pastor has a personal life. Did you go to a ball game? A vacation? Let your members know that you have a life outside of the church.
  • A review of a website or article online that you felt was inspirational.
  • A preview of an upcoming message.
  • An evangelistic message – Sometimes your visitor may be a non-believer who is looking for answers. Here is where you provide them with THE ANSWER.

What are the benefits to having a Pastor’s Corner?

1. Outreach – Visitors to your site will get more than just an electronic business card. They’ll see what your church is all about. They’ll read what your ministry offers, and they will want to visit and know more. You can also share an evangelistic message with visitors who don’t know Christ. Your members also will more readily share the website on their Facebook or Twitter pages if they know there is something good being added to it daily.

2. Member Connection – With a Pastor’s Corner, you can interact with your members of your congregation on days other than service days. I know some of you are asking, “Why would I want to do that?” The best answer is because you want to create that loyal following. You want your members to be your biggest fans and your most ardent defenders. Without them, you are going to have a difficult time moving forward. With them, and with God’s help, there’s no stopping what your ministry can accomplish.

3. SEO – Search Engine Optimization – When you are having quality content updated daily on your website, this helps you rank better in the search engines. When people use the Internet to look for a church, they’ll normally select from the first few results on the page. The higher your website is listed on that page, the more chance you have of being visited. Search engines like updated websites with quality content.

How Do I Add a Pastor’s Corner?

The toughest part about setting up a Pastor’s Corner is the daily updating. It should be a daily event if you want it to be truly effective. There are ways where you can write a bunch of posts on one day and have them uploaded automatically on the days you choose. That may give you a break if you are not going to be near a computer. If you had your website created by an outside company, then having them update the site on a daily basis to accommodate your posts will be way too expensive.

The best way is to create your own blog. There are different sites that offer free blog hosting like Blogger.com, but I recommend WordPress. I use WordPress which is super easy, and most of all it’s free. Your hosting company may already have the ability to add a WordPress blog to your site, and that would be better, because it will be the paid version of WordPress which has a lot more features than the free version. Ask your hosting company about it.

You can set up a free WordPresss site by going to WordPress.com, and signing up. There are plenty of How-To Videos on YouTube that you can watch to find out how to get started. I’ll probably be adding my own How-To video soon.

Once you get your blog started, you can start adding posts and pictures. Then, all you have to do is get your web design person to add a link to your new blog onto your church’s site. Some web designers can even embed the blog right into the page, so your visitors don’t have to leave your church’s website.

I’m sure there are more sophisticated ways of getting a Pastor’s Corner onto your website, but if you want to get yourself up and running right away, this is the best way I know.

Make your church site more magnetic. Get more people stopping by and returning again and again. You have a message to send. Let your Pastor’s Corner section of your church website help you do that.

Do you have a Pastor’s Corner on your website? Please share with me how it’s benefitted your ministry.




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