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Christian SEO

Welcome to UponThisRock.com’s Next Level page.

My name is Sam Rangel, and I have been creating websites for over 10 years. Over that time, I’ve learned techniques and strategies that have made my site, UponThisRock.com among the first sites listed in Google under Christian graphics. I want to share what I’ve learned with you. Learn basic, yet powerful techniques and strategies to help take your ministry’s online presence to THE NEXT LEVEL!

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Here is a quick summary of what you can find:

Posts about Taking Your Ministry Website to the Next Level

What’s in a Name?

When your objective is to get found by people looking for your kind of site – church, ministry, store, you have to consider the title of your site.

Content is King

What makes people keep returning to a particular website is fresh content.

Link Building

If there is any one strategy that helped UponThisRock.com earn its popularity, it’s link building.

Secret Linking Strategy

Part of getting noticed by the search engines is having the right kind of links.

Page Names – Be More Specific

On your ministry’s website, if you have a daily devotional page or a Christian links page, don’t just name the pages, page1, page2, page3, etc. Make your URL demonstrate exactly what people will find on those pages.

Making Your Images Speak

You can make your images speak to Google, though, using the Alt text box of your images.

Above the Fold – Capture Your Reader’s Attention

Research shows that a majority of visitors to a website will look first to what is above the fold, and most won’t scroll down to see the rest of the page.

Adding a Pastor’s Corner to your church website

My goal here on this post is to try and convince you of the advantages that adding such an element to your website. It can be used to connect with members of your congregation, and as a tool to use for outreach.

Making your Church Website an Evangelistic Tool

1. Create a link on the church’s home page that lead to a page that’s called, “Hope For You” or “God’s Answers” or “Change Your Life” or something like that.


Other Posts

Here are some other posts that I’ve added that may be of interest:

10 New Year Resolutions for a Blessed 2011

Here is a series that I shared with my church’s congregation.

White Christmas in Hell  – A How To Guide

My Pastor went out of town this week, and asked me if I would bring the message to the congregation. Of course, I agreed.


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